Website Design in Peacehaven

Website Design in Peacehaven

Why should you want website design in Peacehaven, in East Sussex or anywhere for your business? Surprisingly, over 2 million businesses in the UK don't have a website. And by not having one, they're losing out on revenue. What are the facts:

There are literally thousands of small businesses in East Sussex, ranging from one-person enterprises in Peacehaven to companies with a dozen or more staff in Brighton. These are just the small to medium ones.

Whatever market your business operates in, it is highly likely that you face competition. Your competitors will be as hungry for business as you are, especially as markets wax and wane in the current uncertain environment. The ones with a website have an immediate advantage. Why? Because they're easy to find.

How do people find your business?

Yellow pages? Flyers? Newspaper ads? Word of mouth?

If that’s what you’re relying on, then you are severely restricting your audience.

The majority of people today rely on the Internet. Statistics show that over 80% of all shoppers in the UK will use the internet to find information about their next purchase. And that purchase might be services like the ones you offer.

How do you find information about something you want to buy or use? The fact you’re reading this article would suggest you also use the Internet, probably Google.

Help customers find you

Amazingly, nearly nearly 29% of all small and medium businesses in the UK – that’s just under 2 million – do not have a website. That report suggests that these businesses are losing £343 billion a year by not having a website.

How do the 80% who use Google find these businesses? Simple, they don’t.

That means if you have a website, your chances of being found leap by more than 30%.

Why more than 30%? Because many of the websites small businesses have are either old or poorly designed.

Today, there are many companies offering quick build websites. GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix and others claim that anyone can build a website in minutes. And they are correct. But that is only part of the story.

What they don’t say is how your website will be found on Google. Nor do they tell you :

  • how to ensure it is safe and secure.
  • how to keep it up to date.
  • how it should look to attract potential customers.

The Invisible Builder

I recently spoke to a builder who had bought a website package from GoDaddy that allowed him to quickly build a website. Further discussion showed that he was paying roughly £20 a month unnecessarily in fees for features that he could have got free, like backups and SSL certificates (the way you show the world your site is safe with the little green padlock by your business name on the website).

His website looked good but it was a single page, with limited information and a poorly designed contact button. It had no SEO (the ‘magic’ that helps Google find websites), so it didn’t appear in the first 10 pages of a Google search. In other words, his website was invisible (do you ever search past page 3?)

What does this clearly show? That the builder is probably great at building but not so good at website design but why should he be? He has a business to run.

Become visible and increase revenue

With a well-designed website, you massively increase your visibility and that will lead to more customers and more revenue.

Not only that, by having a website, your credibility also improves.

The quality of your website will give visitors an immediate impression of you and your business, which is why the design is so important. These days, more people use smartphones to access the internet than laptops, so your website must look good on both, as well as tablets and other devices. That means it must be responsive - properly fit the screen size regardless of the device being used.

Fortunately, most WordPress themes are designed to be automatically responsive.

To be effective, it must be easy for Google to find but must also follow Google’s guidelines for a good user experience. That means that visitors should like what they find if they click on your website. The better the experience, the higher your website will appear.

These are the reasons you need a good website design company to assist you.

Website Design in Peacehaven

Maven Webs has been designing and developing websites for many years. And we offer website design in Peacehaven, in the local community. We’re happy to meet you to discuss your requirements without obligation.

We also work with clients around the world and are happy to use email, Skype, Whatsapp, Slack or whatever is your preferred means of communication.

The chances are we can save you money by helping you avoid the extras imposed by the big companies, like GoDaddy.

And it may only take one new customer to pay for your new website.

Contact us today to learn about our special small business package for website design in Peacehaven.

Clients - current and past

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