Customisation at Maven Webs


Many business owners are too busy to make the most of their website. If your business is growing, you probably don’t have the time to make the necessary customisation to exploit those changes.

There are three main reasons why customisation is important to any small business:

  1. As your business grows, it is likely that your website should change to reflect the changes. You may offer more services, provide additional information or need to reach people in different languages. How will people know of these extras if your website doesn’t tell them?

Why should you keep your website in line with your business growth?

  1. Perhaps your website was built several years ago. Tastes change, technology improves and expectations grow. Nowhere is this more obvious than in responsiveness. If your website doesn’t display properly on laptops AND mobile devices, you will lose visitors. And potentially worse – you will lose Google ranking and drift down the search pages.

Why is Responsiveness critical to your success?

Read about the importance of refreshing an old website?

  1. Your website may look great, but you’re simply not getting the visitors you expect. Or maybe you’re appearing way down in searches on Google. There may be issues with your website you’re unaware of.

What are the potential website issues that might seriously affect your business?

What we offer

Maven Webs can help, providing the customization skill so you don't have to.

We provide the following services:

  • Completely revamping and refreshing old websites
  • Customisation of your site to add any needed functionality
  • Fix legacy problems
  • Add an online store
  • Resolve slow page loading
  • Sort out image issues
  • Make your site mobile truly responsive
  • And, of course, much more.

If your website is not providing everything you expected, let us know.

In a competitive market, a static website probably won’t show your business at its best. Your competitors will likely be adapting and adjusting to the constantly changing markets. Are you?

Another area that your competitors are probably exploiting is their SEO – the search engine optimisation that helps them appear as high in Google searches as possible. Where you rank in Google searches has a direct bearing on how many visitors find your web page and engage with your business.

How can SEO help your business?