Featured below are some of the websites we have either created or worked on. For each site, the primary work focus is displayed below the image. You can visit the featured website by clicking the blue button under the description.

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SA Chameleons is a site for chameleon enthusiasts around the world.  The site was started in 2009 using Tripod, an old drag and drop tool. In 2016, it was moved to WordPress and completely redesigned. As the number of visitors grew, a blog was added along with a small book store linked to Amazon. After the last redesign and SEO revamp, visitor numbers grew by 150% in 12 weeks.


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Asset Home Building

This is a construction company that needed a brochure-style website to highlight many of the high-quality homes they have renovated or built. The website features several galleries optimised to provide the best images with the least impact on load speed.


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This site was originally built using Dreamweaver. The domain changed and it was rebuilt using a drag and drop tool. In 2017, the site was redesigned and rebuilt in WordPress. It has Amazon affiliate links for book sales.


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BNB Dynamics

This is an Australian company that provides services to the AirBnB community and needed a brochure-style website to highlight the benefits they offer.


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Tropika Homes

A Realtor website, built using Ekstatik real estate plugin. Properties for rent or sale are displayed with full details, including Google maps. Complex search forms are incorporated to help buyers. Galleries and calls to action, along with team information, are included. This is a fully functioning real estate website.


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The Aguagente website was originally built on a premium theme. We were asked to change the theme to make customization by the user easier. We also added videos and optimized images to improve the speed of loading the pages, with benefits to SEO. One interesting request was to make specific images responsive on mobile devices as they became too small. We used Artist Design options with media query to replace the images with more appropriate ones as the screen size shrank.


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The website uses a free theme but this has been altered using PHP to provide a different heading and menu structure. The website scores A99 on Pingdom.


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Premium Chameleon

This is an e-commerce site with a strong information bias to ensure the proper care is provided for chameleons sold. It uses many WooCommerce features, including linked sales and the ability to mix and match products with different discounts based on the combination.


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Core Balance Bookkeeping

Originally built using a different theme, the website was rebuilt on the Sydney theme. It uses the theme's single front page approach. CSS was used to style the menu and elements.


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Podunk Eats

The website uses the Sydney theme with Elementor as the page builder. This allowed for a very different style of heading on the main page, along with menu structure.


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Clients - current and past

A selection of the clients we have worked with. Click the logos to visit the websites.